Green Walmart and Monkey Meals

So this weekend was pretty nice. It was fairly relaxed and we got to spend some time doing little to nothing. We even checked out some model houses just for fun. Because we have time to waste on such things right now. Really nice after our how hectic our life as been.

So, first off, have you seen this ad:

Does it make you tear up a little? I’ll admit it does me. I know, that it will help Wal*Mart’s profits immensley to sell millions of pairs of organic pajama pants. But they’re still the only major retailer making these kinds of statements on TV. They’re the only ones saying if you buy product ‘x’ you can prevent ‘y’ gallons of pesticides from being dumped on the earth. I still don’t really like their products, but I’ve got to support a major corporation making a statement this strong about the protecting the environment. I wish Target would do something…

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to give Stella better meals lately. I really believed before we had her that we’d somehow get her to stay up later than 8pm and she would just eat the same food Julie and I do. How wrong I was. We’ve been feeding her warmed up frozen vegetables and chicken for quite a while now, but she’s recently balked at this bland meal. Probably because she’s had a few meals at restaurants now, and realizes how food can actually taste. I tried making extra portions of all the meals we eat, but that gets thrown off if we eat out, or if I don’t make enough extra (translation, I get hungry and eat too much). So that wasn’t really a solution.

So this week I’m going to try to make her 4 reheatable meals. Whole Wheat Chicken Quesadillas, Hamburger, Tortilla Pizza, and chicken Spaghetti. All have far more vegetables than normal for those food types. Hopefully she’ll dig them. And hopefully they’ll be fast. I’ll try to post the making of the meals in case anyone is curious.