Pulling up the gangplank…

Talk about burning the bridges behind him:

And Thomas said, “Simply putting students together under the same roof does not necessarily mean that the students will learn together or even interact. Furthermore, it is unclear whether increased interracial contact improves racial attitudes and relations.”

Welcome back to pre-1950s America ya’ll. I’m guessing those “Quiet Riots” aren’t going to stay quiet for another generation. The “I pay my taxes to send my kids to a good school” folks have won. We’ll have our semi-private schools (barrier of entry – ability to afford a 200k+ house, and not be red-lined by real estate agents), and we’ll have our “public schools”. I can’t even write how angry this makes me. Every kid deserves to go to a “good school”. If the school in your neighborhood is not “good”, then it is your duty as an American to go in, and help improve it, not to transfer your kid to a “good” school. Otherwise, pay for the privilege to be a racist asshole and send your kid to a private school. Public schools are socialism. And part of the deal for your child to get a fantastic education, is that you make sure other kids can get a fantastic education. That’s how socialism works. Everyone has to do their part. If you want to opt out, opt out and send your kid to a private school, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us.