What was that?

So, I’ve come to the realization that I now live with another person in the house. It’s funny how they really only become little people once they start walking. Yesterday, I kept seeing this little person zipping around just outside of my peripheral vision. A midget person. Too small to be real. Moving like a Jim Henson puppet circa 1984. Like the little Alien that bursts out of one’s chest and starts zipping around.


Shouldn’t there be an alien pull toy? That baby alien always seemed like it was on a cart being pulled by a string (which it probably was), shouldn’t there be a baby alien for babies? Goo.

Anytime I actually catch her eye, she gives me this mischievous smile and wobbles off in the other direction. Sometimes she claps as if to say, “Soon, I’ll be free of my tyrannical overlords!” She can still crawl faster than she can walk, but even she can tell that the real power is in walking, and she’s almost there. Almost, there…