Not so Quiet Riot

I think this is what happens when one of the “Quiet Riots” Barack Obama refers to becomes not so quiet. I just don’t know how we fix our communities. Barack should really come up with a different name for this trend though. I don’t think anyone finds the term “Quiet Riot” frightening. Except perhaps parent’s concerned about their girlz rockin’ their boyz. I joke, but I really don’t have a clue. And I’m not hearing ideas from politicians on how to make this better.

On a more cheerful note, we should totally start trying to do this. Julie and I have been rocking two cloth bags recently. It’s pretty cool. Trying to get the baggers to not wrap everything in plastic and then put it in the cloth bags is still a bit of a trial, but I’m sure it’ll get better. I really don’t need my plastic encased meat wrapped in another layer of plastic. Thanks.

Speaking of cloth bags, I was bagging groceries last night, holding Stella. Normally when I start bagging groceries a bagger mysteriously just pops up out of nowhere. I have a feeling HEB has a policy that it’s bad news if a manager sees you just standing around while a customer is bagging. Anyway. I’m bagging one handed. Holding Stella. Which I was sure would cause not one, but perhaps seven baggers to pop out of the woodwork. Those seven dwarves would take my place so I could resume my busy schedule of asking Stella to locate her tummy or playing her tummy tuba, leg trombone, and arm trumpet. Except no one showed up. Which I suppose isn’t that much of a loss. Even one handed I can bag faster than most of their employees.

I’m way behind on my 30/60/90 project. I keep forgetting to charge my laptop.

This post is really random. Fantastic.

Stella and I went bathing suit shopping with Julie last night. Going clothing shopping has become one of my favorite things. Stella and I have so much fun while Julie tries stuff on. Last night Stella was checking herself out in the mirrored clothing stands. Wandering around the store. Pushing her stroller around. Checking out prices. Pushing her stroller from a chair. Trying to figure out why her stroller wouldn’t push anymore once she set the brakes. She was busy. She ended up pushing the stroller from the dressing rooms all the way over to the cashier line. Then out into the mall proper. We didn’t need to go to the mall proper, but that’s not a big deal. It was a lot of fun.

And a lady waiting for the dressing rooms said Stella was really smart for figuring out how the brakes on her stroller worked. I’m sure she is smart, but I think it’s mostly just “push the buttons” syndrome. Stella definitely got to push da’ buttons.