Not Sold Yet

So I’ve been listening to this With Lasers. I suppose we didn’t really want it to sell on day 1. Haven’t heard from the tile place if they’re going to be able to install our tile before our open house.

What else is going on? Julie and I are doing lots of small stuff around the house. Last night I:

  • Cleaned the oven. We sprayed it with horrific chemicals a few nights ago. Then I attempted to cook something in it, because I am forgetful. This released magical toxic fumes through the oven vent under the back left burner. Sometimes I feel like my oven resembles a steam engine. And one day it’s going to stand up on spindly white legs. Move forward from its niche revealing it’s long spindley be-gloved hands. It’s two front burners will flip up revealing his eyes and he will begin talking to me with his oven mouth. Inevitably I will say something rude and he will turn on his burner eyes and they will glow red, red, red! What was I talking about? Oh yes. Two hours after I sprayed the over last night I actually cleaned it. It is now nice and clean. And it only releases mildly toxic fumes when I turn it on.
  • Replanted a hanging basket with new flowers. The old flowers had died. These were the special magical yellow flowers. Yellow flowers apparently make people want to buy. Or something. I hate throwing away plants that I haven’t given around six months to struggle back to life. But desperate times and all that.
  • Played Lego Star Wars. For 10 minutes after I got Stella in bed, while Julie was getting Roxie from the groomers. Roxie looked even more ridiculous than normal. She had two pink ear bows, and a big pink bow attached to her harness. As always she looked naked and mortified.
  • Vacuumed the downstairs. Vacuuming is boring. There’s no way around it. No story there.
  • Ate McDonalds. The new geniuses they’ve hired are unable to complete an order correctly. I did not get my super-sized fries last night, and they decided this time Honey-Mustard was the same as Honey. Although that’s a step up. Last time I asked for Barbecue sauce and honey, and I got sweet and sour. I suppose she was keying off of the “and”. How sad is it that these teenagers cannot even properly perform a McDonalds job? A job that was designed to require next to no thinking.
  • Put on a missing cable TV wall plate.
  • But not in that order.

Could this post be my entry for The Holme’s Carnival of the Mundane? Probably not. I’m sure I can get more mundane than this.