Ok, now listen up whippersnappers!

Music costs money. You need to pay for it. Stop your stealing, and whining about how music is crap, and start paying the artists who create good music.

I’m sick of you.

Last night I bought LCD Soundsystem’s new album from iTunes. The Holmes’ had given me an iTunes gift certificate for my birthday. My computer doesn’t run iTunes, and it can’t play the standard iTunes file format, but recently Apple came out with DRM free music. Suddenly my computer can play tracks I download from iTunes (as long as they’ve been converted and are distributed by EMI). This was great. I downloaded the tracks, and I’ve been rockin’ out. Thanks Travis, Ashley and Henry!

But… a bunch of people are complaining because apple is putting your email address and account name in the tracks you download. So all you music thieves can’t just dump the new tracks you buy on some music sharing service. Their is so much complaining about this. It amazes me. I wanted DRM-free tracks because I run linux, and I don’t want to have to buy a certain type of computer just to be able to listen to music. I did not want DRM-free tracks so I could upload music to file sharing services.

At work, I have an iTunes share so that others in the office can listen to my music. I was browsing one of my coworkers shares and noticed that he had an album that I wasn’t aware of anyone else in the universe who liked (Brassy). Then I noticed he had all of the music that I own. He had ripped all of them music off of my iTunes share without asking. This pisses me off. I’ve spent thousands of dollars building up my music collection. I support those musicians that I like with my money. I’m making your music theft possible, and I’m pretty much single handedly keeping the music business alive. Stop stealing music jackasses!

This isn’t Pokemon. You’re not trying to catch all the mp3s. Grow up!

If you want to listen to an album before buying check out a Napster.com. If it’s not there, then chances are the band is too small and they’ll be promoting themselves with mp3s on their website. Stop stealing music, there’s no reason for it. You’re going to make it so that no one can earn a living creating music. And then the music will really suck.