Long Weekend

Thank goodness for long weekends. We were on a mad scramble this past weekend to get the house ready for Realtors. We’re meeting with our first one tonight. Hopefully that will go well.

But this weekend… we spent Friday night having a Loaded Gun Theory meeting. Which culminated in Julie and I forcing Bill and Ian to move couches. With bullwhips. Four couches. We’re slave drivers. Slapdash Flimflammery is on though! Mark your calendars. July 28th.

On Saturday we spent the day working. Painting and cleaning, and cleaning and painting. We were exhausted by the evening, but we went to see Morrisey at the Backyard anyway. It was a great stuff. Although, I like his new album more than most people apparently. I Will See You in Far Off Places is one of my favorite of his new songs. Made me want to cry a little bit. I guess I get sentimental about the people I know around the world. Life Is a Pigsty was beautiful and really took advantage of his new band. It had been threatening to rain, but unfortunately the rain sound effect in the song had to do. I was really looking forward to getting drenched at a Morrissey concert, especially during Everyday Is Like Sunday (LP Version). Ah well… I suppose it really wouldn’t be a Morrissey concert unless you were disappointed. The drummer had a japanese drum for the thunder in “Life is a Pigsty”, which was then used to tremendous effect to mimick the guitar saws as drummed tattoos at the end of “How Soon is Now?”. Imagine that guitar rift vibrating your entire body. Very cool. The one song encore was You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side which rocked. Which was pretty much the theme of the night. The songs that rocked, really rocked. The band was fantastic and really knocked out the awesome guitar parts on songs like The Queen Is Dead. The slow songs on the other hand were often duds. There were even a few that neither Julie nor I had heard and probably would have been content to stay that way. We were exhausted by the end, but I’m glad we went.

On Sunday we headed off to church and said goodbye to our friends Mari and Todd who are moving to Mexico for two years. So more friends in far off places. We are planning on visiting them though. That should be an interesting vacation.

In the afternoon we got back to work. Again with the painting and the cleaning. Things were starting to feel like the house was getting worse and worse. I ended up cooking my parents a tri-tip roast with a minted chimmichurri sauce for dinner to thank them for all their help getting the house in order. We ended the night watching Nacho Libre. Which was mostly inoffensive. Although I wouldn’t have thought that the most enjoyable part of the movie would have been the wrestling.

On Monday we kept up with the cleaning. I mowed and touched up the front yard, added flowers, etc. It’s gorgeous out there right now. I noticed that another plant is blooming this morning. I think we have probably 20-30 distinct types of flowers in our front and back yard right now. It’s amazing. And our neighbors pulled up their grass on the part of the lawn we share and decorated with new flowerbeds, so our fantastic brand new grass is now bordered on two sides by native flowers and bushes. It is amazing. Julie no longer wants to leave.

Monday night we watched Blade Runner. We’d never seen it all the way through. We were impressed that it still held up even though every single piece of that movie has been collaged into 100 others.

Last night we took Stella to the park, since she hadn’t been in quite a while. She stubbornly refused to walk and mostly just mooned about. My mother called while we were getting ready for bed and asked if she could borrow our oven. Turned out she had picked up a pizza from Pappa Murphy’s completely forgetting that the gas at her house had not been turned on. We ended up sharing the pizza and then touching up a few last things.

So realtors this week, and Julie’s birthday party this weekend. Should be a fun 4 day week.