Bill and Tim being manly.

Bill and I being manly at my birthday party. I think this picture alone gives our manliness a +10 modifier. The women swoon. That was a damn fine beer from Bill, and a damn fine birthday.

In other news we finished repainting the orange/cat/guest bathroom last night. It looks nice in a boring white room sort of way. We were both happy that it only needed one coat of paint.

Sometime in the middle of that Al came by to drop off some can lights.


Man… weren’t we smart back in the day to build those coffee can lights? I think that had to have been the best money LGT ever spent. People at work were saving me coffee cans. I took some pieces of scrap 2×6, attached little mettle “L”‘s to the side. Drilled some holes in the coffee cans and attached them with wing nuts. We got a bunch of those clip lights with the big metal shades from Home Depot, took off the shades, threaded them through a hole in the bottom of the can. Bent the shade so it would fit inside the can and reflect the light out, and voila! Our own cheap par cans. They don’t throw off an enormous amount of light, but they work well in small spaces. Like the show we originally used them for, “Solid State”.

He also dropped off tickets to see him compete in the “Funniest Person in Austin” semi-finals. We’re stoked. We’re going to a Pappa’s based restaurant (we have a gift certificate) and then to see Al on our 8th wedding anniversary. It’s going to rock. And why are we able to do that?

Because my parents are moving to town this weekend. They’re going to move into an extended stay hotel as they wait for all of their paperwork to go through. They have promised to help us work on the house next week, so hopefully that will enable us to move up our date to get the house on the market. We’ll see. Hopefully there won’t be any patricide or matricide.