New Look?

So what do you think of the new look? I think it’s kind of bland, but it’s pretty easy to read. I’ve also added the Netflix widget over there on the left, so you can see what we’re watching. And comment on it and stuff… I also added twitter. Which I initially thought was completely stupid, but now I think is kind of interesting and indearing. So think about signing up for an account at and adding me as a friend. Maybe we’ll figure out the point of it together.

Yesterday was a bit dreary, and Julie wasn’t having a great day so we decided to break our eating out rule and go out to lunch together. We ended up at Sandy’s, which was awesome. We both had burgers and fries, and then we had chocolate dipped cones. And the chocolate was totally that plasticy tasting chocolate. It was brilliant. The rest of the day was kind of blah. I ended up running over to Garrison with Stella, and by the time I got back it was about 8:10. So I fed her and had to put her directly to bed without a bath. That was her third day running without a bath so I had to promise Julie I’d give her one this morning. Ok, I didn’t have to promise her. I just felt guilty and did so.

This morning Stella woke us up crying randomly at 6. I worked my sleep-fu on her and sent her back to the land of dreams. Of course it monkeyed with my sleep schedule, and I’d had a bit of a headache all night. Probably dehydration from the run. I wasn’t feeling great this morning so I decided to work from home. Which was great. I got to spend a lot of time playing with Stella, and we had a really fun day. Let me just interject that I really like kids. And I really don’t like babies. Babies are boring. Kids rock. They’re smart and stuff. Babies are dumb. Down with babies! Up with kids who do wacky fun things!

Anyway, I ended up doing some work, I added that twitter capsule up in the top right, and then we went to Home Depot and Kohls. Wherein I decided that I hate shopping for mens clothing. It’s all 100% cotton and right now everything looks like they bought their stock from goodwill. It has a slightly used feeling to it, and everything’s faded. And I’m not talking about the distressed look. I’m talking about golf and polo shirts that just look like they’ve been washed too many times.

So my 30th birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve already gotten some cool presents. I got Jacque Pepin’s Complete Techniques and 7th Generations guide to natural cleaning. I’m sure I’ll get into the cleaning book, and I do really want to read it, but Jacque is so amazing that I’m completely in awe. I already used one of his knife techniques to do a fantastic dice of some mushrooms last night. And he’s got everything in there. From making chicken stock, to hollendaise, to fashioning a rabbit out of an olive. And it has pictures. Truly amazing. Then we’ll use the seventh generation book to clea

Anyway, got to actually eat dinner. It was ready about 5 minutes ago, and I’m just letting it get cool on the stove while I write this.

Oh, if you want to use the Netflix or Twitter widgets on your own website let me know and I’ll get you the code.