I wrote this awesome post…

but it got eaten. This forced me to fix some really old buggy code with how logging in works around here. But I still lost the damn post. So quick recap:

new kitchen

this is the kitchen in our new house. Well it’s what our kitchen will look like. Sort-of. This is the half-constructed model. Our house is the other way around, and hopefully when we move in will look more like a kitchen. But bsaically the same. The sink is under that window. The fridge is behind my back and the oven is to my right. Where you see that vent coming through the wall. So not a lot of counter space. I’m going to get an island from ikea, but still not a lot. We’ll see how it works at thanksgiving. On the upside we’ll be able to have a ten seater table, so no more riding a table leg during thanksgiving dinner. I think that trade off will be ok. Julie is still fretting about the size of our bedroom ala Albert Brooks in Lost in America. Oh hey, look, if you have Netflix play you can just watch that movie. And find out what I’m talking about. It’s in the first 10 minutes or so if you don’t want to commit to it. Which you should. Just click that big ol’ Play button if it shows up. I love that feature. But they need more movies.

But anyway. I think we’ll have enough space. Even if Stella’s bedroom is larger than ours. By something like 40 square feet. The architect screwed up.

On to my next topic. Snakes. Specifically in our yard:


Hooray for native plants encouraging increased biodiversity. I do feel like I’m saving the world, thank you very much. And my grass looks like a soft wolly bed.

Finally. Yuck:

stuffed shell?

I made stuffed shells Sunday. Stella ate them for dinner Monday night. She has sophisticated tastes. The feta, prosciutto, and parmesian reggiano did not phase her a bit. She liked it so much she tucked quite a bit in her hair for later. This picture still makes my skin crawl. I had to take her upstairs immediately after dinner, strip her down and bathe her. I have no clue why I can’t handle this sort of thing. Oh well, it’s cute.

So that’s my post. Much abbreviated. This better go through…